Welcome to Chops!

Welcome to the website of Chops Music Studios, Tampa's premier music school and recording studio! We do everything at Chops, ranging from teaching young musicians how to play their favorite instruments, group music classes, songwriting classes, and now electronic music/ beat production. We are thrilled to announce a massive overhaul to our recording services as well. Starting this summer, your favorite music school is now a full service recording studio!

Chops Music Studios was the brainchild of Tampa native Matt Jeffries, and the studio prides itself on having the best teachers, gear, and facilities in the area. We are constantly upgrading and renovating the studio in an effort to provide a comfortable, yet fresh experience for all of our guests. We have recently upgraded our recording software and are using Pro Tools 12 and Komplete Ultimate 12 for our music production needs.

If you're in the Tampa area and are looking for lessons for drums, guitar, piano, vocals, or bass, contact us for the best instruction in the area.